1300MEDICS has a wide range of equipment and infrastructure to support medical deployments at major events. Capabilities like all-terrain vehicles, portable medical centres, wireless electronic reporting and portable communications towers enable 1300MEDICS to deliver high quality services to every event every time.

Bicycle Response Team

1300MEDICS has a team of fifteen paramedics, medics and nurses who are able to work as part our Cycle Medical Team which provides bicycle mounted medical first response to events spread over large areas. Bicycle response has been demonstrated around the world to be an efficient way of responding to emergencies in high crowd environments. Our specially equipped bicycles feature visual and audible warning devices and are able to carry oxygen, defibrillators and advanced supplies like intravenous drips and medications.

Major Event Support Units

Suitable for austere and remote environments and events which require a dedicated and well equipped medical centre; our portable event support unit provides a multi-configuration medical centre which can accommodate three acute stretcher patients or a resuscitation suite and clinic office. The unit is air conditioned and includes hospital-grade wall-mounted monitoring equipment, clinical lighting and examination implements. We also have a trailer-based setup which is deployed into a 6x6m popup tent suitable for shorter deployments.

Communications and Electronic Reporting

1300MEDICS provides communications equipment as part of our service package for major events. We own and operate three repeaters including a mobile and vehicle mountable unit, which can be setup to establish reliable radio communications across extensive sites like the course of a marathon or adventure race. We also operate satellite phones and a network of event-dedicated mobile phones and tablets for real-time GPS tracking and incident reporting. We have a team of dedicated event coordinators who provide control room and ECC liaison during major events and coordinate operations across large sites.

Our ePCR system allows our medics to record incidents and patient care at the bedside and transmit data electronically to the client and to our clinical quality assurance system which provides random auditing of all care provided. Event organisers can view trends and reports as they occur in real-time.