Are you able to transport the patient to hospital?

1300MEDICS will not provide transport of any patient through to hospital. This is the role of the statutory (state) ambulance service. Should a patient require transport though to hospital, 1300MEDICS will commence treatment of the patient, while calling 000 and arranging the state ambulance service to attend.

Should your event be held over a large area / property (ie: Tough Mudder), we are able to transport the patient around the property to either our own medical/treatment area or to a suitable location to handover the patient to the ambulance.

What qualifications do your first aid officers and medical personnel hold?

1300MEDICS offers several different levels of medical coverage, ranging from Basic Life Support (BLS), through to Critical Care and/or Doctors.

BLS staff hold a minimum of Senior First Aid Certificate (or similar) and Resuscitation Certificate. Our BLS staff are primarily university students studying either paramedicine or nursing. Our BLS staff are also dual qualified as lifeguards.

ALS staff are either employed as Registered Nurses or Paramedics with the Statutory Ambulance Service. These staff have a minimum of Bachelor Degree in either Nursing or Paramedicine, or have previously completed a Cert IV in Health Care (Paramedic) through a state ambulance service.

Critical Care staff have completed training through the state ambulance service, and hold either Grad. Cert, Grad Dip or Masters Degree in Intensive/Critical Care.

For more information about our qualification or staff, please click HERE.

What areas of Australia can you service?

1300MEDICS have previously covered events along the eastern side of Australia, from Cairns, Queensland through to Phillip Island, Victoria. We have licences with Queensland Health, New South Wales Health and Health Victoria to operate, possess and administered under emergency situations.

1300MEDICS are not limited to these areas however. Please contact us to discuss options for your event or function.

Do you provide an ambulance or vehicle?

1300MEDICS do not provide an ambulance or medical vehicle to every event. Medical vehicles and ambulances can be hired should your event require these.

1300MEDICS currently owns 2x ambulance response vehicles and 2x 4WD ambulances. Should your event require it, we can also supply all-terrain vehicles or golf-carts/medical cabs.